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September 21, 2017

What’s The Point of a Mesh UTV Windshield?

Is airflow a good or bad thing?

We get a lot of questions, particularly during the winter months about “what’s the point of a windshield that doesn’t block cold air?” Our answer is simple…because it lets cool air in during the warmer months. One of the biggest complaints we get from traditional windshield users is the lack of airflow. Traditional windshields block airflow which may be fine during the cold winter months but for the rest of the year, heat from the engine coupled with air and dust circulating due to the vortex effect created by the windshield make for an uncomfortably warm riding experience. In our opinion, airflow is a good thing. It helps carry heat, dust and exhaust fumes out of the cab making for a more enjoyable riding experience. In all reality, it’s easier to put a coat on for cold weather riding than it is trying to figure out how to get more airflow into the cab the rest of the year.


A traditional windshield is a flat surface. That means mud, dust, rain, leaves and other debris are going to stick to it. As a hard surface, that pretty much means the only way to remove the debris is to stop, exit the vehicle and clean/wipe the surface which creates other problems like smears and scratching. The benefit of our mesh windshield is that you can “flick” the screen and remove about 90% of anything that might have gotten stuck. Chunks of mud, leaves, bugs and just about anything else is easily removed with a sample “flick” preserving your visibility and best of all, you don’t have to stop to clean it.

Scratching and Durability

Let’s face it, if you’re riding in an off-road environment, eventually you’re going to catch a tree branch or a rock and it’s going to leave a mark on your windshield. There’s no way around it. We don’t claim our mesh windshields to be indestructible but we have yet to find a glass or Lexan windshield that can take a hit from a rock or a limb and not leave a mark. Marks on the windshield amount to poor visibility. We believe our mesh windshield provides a better solution because it doesn’t scratch. Small limps, rocks and roost easily glance off without leaving a mark. If you regularly ride in heavily overgrown areas, it may not be for you. But that still doesn’t solve the scratching problem if you go with a traditional windshield.

What About Dust

A lot of people think traditional windshields block dust. Even if that were true, it creates a visibility problem because dust sticks to the windshield, limiting visibility. The other issue is that without airflow, a vacuum is created inside the cab by air moving over and around the windshield which traps dust inside the cab. Our mesh windshields don’t block dust. They allow airflow into the vehicle to carry the dust out of the cab so you get cleaner air do breath. Let’s face it, you’re riding an Offroad vehicle. Unless you have an enclosed cab, dust is going to be a problem and we truly believe our mesh windshields provide better dust management than traditional windshields.


Our mesh windshields require no tools for installation. Simply zip them on or zip them off in a matter of minutes.


  1. I purchased one of these screens for my Polaris Rzr 570 LE. SO far, I love it! It functions just as they said it would. No more getting hit in the face with bugs, leaves, small twigs and mud. Everything flicks right off and the airflow is still unencumbered. I highly recommend this Screen.

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