Polaris Ranger Midsize UTV Mesh Windshield (All Models)
December 9, 2016
Yamaha Wolverine UTV Mesh Windshield
January 3, 2017

Polaris RZR Rear UTV Mesh Windshield


An excellent alternative to standard rear windshields that scratch easily and limit airflow, our rear windscreen for the Polaris RZR provides rearward protection from rocks and branches that can be kicked up by your vehicle while maintaining airflow to help eliminate dust.  Traditional windshields block airflow, creating a vacuum effect and trapping dust inside the cab.  Rear plexiglass and Lexan windshields block the air from exiting the cab which means the passengers are stuck breathing in dirty air.  Our windscreens maintain maximum airflow which helps keep the passengers cool while at the same time, carrying dust out of the cab of the vehicle.

Features & Benefits
-Provides Rearward protection From Rocks or Branches
-Improves Airflow
-Helps Eliminate Dust From the Cab
-Won’t Scratch or Tear

2014 – 2018 1000XP
2014 – 2018 Turbo XP
2015 – 2018 900 / 900 Sport/Trail

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  • Heavy duty polypropylene webbing (resistant to UV light, mildew and antimicrobial properties.)  Tensile strength of 1500 lbs.
  • 4mm L foam neoprene with textured backing for more slip resistance and strength. Ozone and UV Resistant.
  • Sun Guard thread – resistant to UV light and will not weaken or degrade over time.
  • Heavy Duty coil marine grade zippers.
  • Mesh product engineered to provided optical clarity without sacrificing strength and durability.  Flame resistant.
Additional information
Weight 15 lbs
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