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Q: Why a mesh windscreen versus a regular windshield?
A: Our screen windshields provide a several advantage over other windshields. The first is they provide airflow. Solid windshields create a vortex or vacuum that sucks the dust and exhaust into the cab. The Rogue screen Windshield enables dust and debris to be carried out of the vehicle instead of getting stuck in the vacuum that develops behind the windshield. Windshields also become dirty and are easily scratched. Our windscreens cannot be scratched and they are highly resistant to tears and punctures. They repel mud and even the little bits that might get attached can usually be removed with a simple "flick" of the screen.
Q: How does it handle dust?
A: We have designed our windscreens to maintain maximum airflow through the cab to not only keep the occupants cool, but to help carry dust out of the vehicle. Most windshields tend to create a "vortex" or a vacuum in the cab of the vehicle as air makes its way over and around the windshield. This vortex locks dust into the cab, making for an uncomfortably warm and dusty trip. Because our windscreen is mesh, the small amount dust that settles on it won't impede your visibility, unlike windshields that easily become cloudy or coated with dust, requiring the user to stop and wash or wipe them clean.
Q: How does it handle rain?
A: Because we use a very tiny mesh material, raindrops cannot pass directly through it. Instead, our windscreens "deflect" the rain, protecting you from the painful pelting that is often associated with raindrops. In a heavy rain, the windscreen can become saturated and the water may run or drip down onto the dash of the vehicle. Unlike a windshield that can become streaked, any water present on the screen can be removed with as simple "flick" of the screen, maintaining clear visibility, even in the event you get caught in a rain shower. Besides, unless you have a full enclosure, you are going to get wet anyway.
Q: How does it handle mud?
A: Not all mud is created equal but we are pleased that our windscreen is capable of rappelling most mud that comes into contact with it. Where windshields provide a smooth flat surface that allows mud to stick, our windscreens don't have as much surface area for mud to hold onto. Therefore most mud bounces off and the small pieces that do stick are usually able to be removed with a simple "flick" of the windscreen. In the event you get into thick, gooey mud and it becomes caked into the windscreen, a simple garden hose will wash the mud away.
Q: How is it in the brush?
A: We manufacture our windscreens using only the highest quality materials that are highly UV and tear resistant. We have driven them thru a lot of brush without problems. HOWEVER, THE SCREEN IS NOT INDESTRUCTIBLE. Use your common sense and you can avoid a lot of problems. If you get a puncture in the screen all the intersections of the threads of the screen are "locked" so the screen will not continue to unravel. When traveling thru the brush most big limbs will hit the frame and bend or bounce off without damaging the screen. But remember, THE SCREEN IS NOT INDESTRUCTIBLE and use you common sense.
Q: Does it block the cold?
A: It will block the cold a little bit, it's better than no windshield and maybe better than a full windshield. Remember, even if you have a full windshield, the vortex sucks the cold air into the cab, along with the exhaust and dust. Airflow is one of the major complaints we hear about from windshield users, so we specifically aimed to retain airflow with our windscreens. The majority of people we speak to are more concerned with staying cool than staying warm so that is why we aim to retain the airflow with our windscreens.
Q: What about price?
A: Early on we decided rather than make the cheapest product we could, we wanted to make the best product we could. We decided we would rather have to explain the price once, than have to apologize for the quality forever. Are you considering price or value? They are not the same thing. if the price of a Lexan windshield was $100 and the price of our screen windshield was $150, but you have to replace the Lexan windshield a couple of times because of scratches or the hardware breaks or you can't get it clean any more and you're tired of the dirt and exhaust from the vortex and you have no air flow so the heat it getting you. Is that cheaper windshield, "the one you know", really a good value or have you wasted all your money. Don't keep doing the same thing and thinking you get a different outcome. Take a chance, give us a try!