About Rogue Powersports

We are an innovative solutions provider for the powersports, agriculture and outdoor industry. Rogue Innovations, Inc., dba Rogue Powersports. Our flagship product is a high strength, ultra durable, mesh windscreen for UTVs and utility vehicles. We believe the Rogue Powerscreen is the best alternative to the current offering of windshields on the market. Currently, the only options available are Lexan, plastic, glass or The Rogue Screen Windshield.

Born out of necessity, the idea for the Rogue Screen Windshield came after an exhausting search for an adequate solution that could provide forward protection and clear visibility all while maintaining airflow to keep us cool. Something that traditional windshields just can't do it. They scratch easily, require constant cleaning and limit airflow which not only makes for an uncomfortably warm ride, but it causes dust and exhaust to circulate in the cab. If you use no windshield, you have no protection and you get constantly pelted with bugs, limbs, roost (debris from the vehicle in front of you) and anything else in your environment.

That's why we created the Bug Buster Windscreen, which evolved to become the Rogue Powerscreen. The patented Rogue Screen Windshield is the only windshield of it's kind and provides full forward protection from rocks, roost and limbs while maintaining airflow to keep you cool and help carry dust out of the cab. The product was originally developed with utility applications in mind. But we have seen an incredibly high demand among sport enthusiasts. Thus the evolution of our products to include two utility patents granted and two more utility patents pending from the United States Patent Office. Our screen windshields are made with "cutting edge technology". There are thousands of types of screen available. The Rogue Powerscreen is made from a technologically advanced screen designed for strength and visibility. The Rogue Powerscreen design is different from anything else on the market. It requires no tools to install. It is wind tunnel tested to 110 mph. So towing is no problem, just leave it on, unlike ordinary windshields that may implode during towing.

Whether you buy a Rogue Powerscreen for your Polaris RZR, Honda Pioneer, or any of the other models we offer, you can rest assured that you're purchasing a superior product. We have invested a tremendous amount of time, energy and resources into finding the right materials for our products. Every windscreen is manufactured in our Dallas Texas facility, from high strength, UV resistant materials and is inspected before it ships to you. We are committed to providing a superior product at an affordable price.