Rogue Innovations Introduces Windshield Replacement UTV Windscreens
December 21, 2016

New Video: Why a Windscreen?

We hear all the time “that’s a great idea!”  That’s what we think, and that’s exactly why we came up with it.  A number of years ago, we were using the traditional windshields on all of our UTVs but would quickly take them off and forget about them because they just seemed to be more hassle then helpful.

After scouring the industry for something that would meet our needs, like better airflow, less scratching and improved visibility, we found nothing so that’s when we decided to develop a product of our own.  In this video, Rogue Powersports founder Mike Johnson gives a brief history of the company and shares exactly how the windscreen came about.

Rogue Powersports
Rogue Powersports
Rogue Powersports is an innovative solutions provider for the powersports, agriculture and outdoor industry. Our flagship product is a high strength, ultra durable, mesh windscreen for UTVs and utility vehicles. The Rogue Powerscreen (for sport models) and the Bug Buster Windscreen (utility applications) are the number one windshield alternative on the market.

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