Windscreen or Windshield. What’s The Difference?

We get asked all the time, “What does a windscreen do that a windshield doesn’t?”

That’s a great question and we have a whole host of answers.  After trying virtually every windshield option under the sun, we noticed a few common problems, mostly having to do with airflow, dust, visibility and general wear and tear.  We set out to build a product that would eliminate or reduce these issues and that’s how we came up with our windscreen.

While we originally designed the windscreen primarily for utility applications, we’ve since found that many sport enthusiasts LOVE the benefits as well.  That and they’re tired of dealing with the hassles of windshields.  Without further ado, here is our explanation of what we do that wind shields can’t.

The number one complaint we hear from windshield users is a lack of airflow.  No airflow means the occupants are more than likely going to get warm.  If not from the outside temperature then heat from the engine will keep you nice and toasty.  Our windscreen provides maximum airflow to keep you cool.

In addition to keeping you cool, the airflow helps carry dust out of the cab of the vehicle.  Contrary to popular belief, windshields don’t block dust very well.  As air moves over and around a windshield it is going to carry dust with it.  This airflow collides behind the windshield, creating a vacuum of air (also known as a vortex) that just circulates in the cab.  Without additional airflow to carry the dust out of the cab, the dust will sit in the vehicle until it settles on the occupants or is pushed out by more dust coming into the cab.  The peak airflow provided by our windscreens allow dust to be carried through and out of the vehicle instead of re-circulating behind the windshield.

Let face it, UTVs are offroad vehicles so dust will ALWAYS be an issue.  You’re never going to fully eliminate it so the battle becomes more about how to manage dust.  We’ve found that getting it OUT of the cab as quickly as possible is the best solution.  Still don’t believe us?  Ask a person on the trail who has a windshield why they’re still wearing a dust mask or a handkerchief over their face.

A windshield is a flat surface. That means anythingthat comes in contact with it has the potential to settle on it and limit visibility.  We can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen people out on the trail with a rag and a water bottle trying to clean off their windshield.  While this may be a temporary fix, as soon as you get going again, dust will mix with the moisture and now you’ve got a muddy nasty mess on your windshield.

Because our windscreens are not a solid surface, mud and debris have a hard time sticking.  What mud does stick to the screen can typically be removed with a simple “flick” of the windscreen, ensuring your visual zone is free and clear at all times.  Dust can and will settle on the screen but it does not impede visibility because of the limited “surface area” provided by the windscreen mesh.

Wear & Tear
Our windscreens are made from durable, high strength, UV resistant materials.  All it takes is a rock kicked up by a vehicle and a traditional windshield is cracked or at the very least, scratched.  Most windshields are also connected to the vehicle with a series of fasteners that rattle, clank and can wear out over time.  Our windscreens attache to the vehicle using a high strength nylon material to provide a snug fit and remain in contact with the vehicle.  The combination of the nylon and durable mesh material allows for more “give” than a windshield so in the event the windscreen comes into contact with a flying object, it will “flex” verses cracking or scratching.

These are the main benefits that we have found after comparing our windscreens to the typical plastic or lexan windshields on the market.  We encourage you to visit our store and pick up a Rogue or Bug Buster Windscreen for your UTV.  And be sure and check out our comparison video below.

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